Wrongful Termination Laws: Everything you need to know

Before you start working, you must be aware of the laws. The wrongful termination laws are present in abundance. If you are hired and wrongfully terminated, you have a complete right to sue your company. Most of the employees around the world are “at-will” employees, but some of them are forced too. It is necessary to understand that under certain conditions if you terminate your employee illegally, you may be in great trouble.

According to both state and federal laws, there are certain conditions under which are illegal. These wrongful termination laws apply to the employees.

Some of the prominent types of wrongful termination laws include the following.


As per the laws, you cannot fire an employee due to their gender, race, nation, region, or more. Moreover, the employee cannot be fired based on their age too. For example, if the company decides to fire an employee because they are above the age of 40, the company may be held accountable. Apart from that, they cannot fire any employee because of their pregnancy or medical conditions. Firing someone based on their sexual orientation is considered to be illegal. These types of laws are more prominent as per state laws rather than federal laws.


As per the laws, the employers cannot terminate any employee as per the federal or state discrimination laws. It is often suggested that the employees have had a successful retaliation claim. If the discrimination doesn’t work in their favor, one must be careful about it. Gender discriminatory pay can, however, be harmful to your entire business. Based on that, employers should be cautious with it. In some instances, you may lose the retaliation lawsuit, thereby not meeting the equal pay schedules.

Not taking a lie detector test

This is one of the many wrongful termination laws. Both the employers and employees may be careful with the termination process to avoid any inconvenience. As per this law, no employer has the right to fire any employee because they refused to take any lie detector test. Apart from that, under many conditions, the employer cannot fire an employee because they did not take up the polygraph test.

It would help if you got in touch with expert Liebman Legal lawyers to ensure proper rights. Any employer who refuses to give appropriate reasons regarding the termination should be sued. As a result, you must be aware of your rights so that you can prevent any inconvenience.