Why Businesses Are Making Use Of Self Storage Units

Storage units are in demand, and not only for personal use. Of the 1,500 self-storage sites in the United Kingdom, around a quarter of the users are small businesses. To put it into perspective, nearly 400 facilities are dominated by business owners and entrepreneurs. And, the demand looks set to increase in the future as an annual site increase of 9% seems to be the trend.

There’s no doubt that self-storage units are essential to 21st-century companies, but the question is, why do they feel the need to invest? With money at a premium, most people would assume a unit to be an indulgence. Here’s why establishments are making use of them throughout the UK.

Red Tape 

It pays to be an entrepreneur if the idea goes viral and people take notice. If not, you’re left with lots of stock and nobody willing to make a purchase. Aside from being a reality check, it’s also a costly venture for business owners because you have to fork out to own a company in the UK. As well as higher taxes and fees for permits and licenses, there are rates on corporate premises to consider too. There is no red tape or any nasty surprises that increase the price with a storage unit, just a flat rate all year round.


SMEs aren’t as stable as other enterprises. Yes, you’ve done well to get to this point but there are no guarantees. One bad month and you might find yourself having to cut back. If you are locked into an iron-clad, long-term deal, there is going to be a lot of trouble because you can’t eliminate one of your biggest expenditures. However, with a self-storage unit, you can scale up or down depending on the circumstances at the time. This has the potential to save your company from the scrapheap.


Hoarding has negative connotations, yet it can come in handy for a small business. Holding on to assets is a potentially savvy move as you never know when something will be useful again. To throw it away because you don’t have the room is a waste and might cost you more in the long-term. One of the biggest myths is that companies that need space lease units, but it isn’t true. The more space you have, the more you’re going to keep for future use. Considering Henfield Storage has units up to 200sq feet, there isn’t much you need to send to the closest landfill site.


Whether business owners need the space or they don’t, there is something convenient about self-storage units. Storing all of your stock in one place is handy from an accessibility point of view. All you need to do is turn up and grab a variety of things from one site. And, the suppliers are flexible for the sake of their customers. 24-hour access, increased security and removal services are some of the things considered to be basics today, which removes the hassle.

If you could benefit from the above, wouldn’t you make use of self-storage units?