What Makes Buffalo An Ideal Relocation Destination For Millennials

The city of Buffalo, NY, has been a preferred relocation destination for Millennials. The city has a population of around 260,000 people with an average age of 33 years, as per the US Census data.

This is lower than the average age of residents in NY i.e., 39 years. Buffalo city is full of a youthful spirit that is chosen as a Millennial city. In this article, we will learn what makes Buffalo very attractive for the young age group.

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Thriving job market

One of the major reasons that make Buffalo so appealing among the young generation is that it is home to various key employers, that includes retailers, back-office operations, healthcare providers, and insurance providers. Construction, biosciences, and city development jobs have roared in the past few years.

Encourage innovation

The Buffalo Billion Project aimed at encouraging continuous development and growth in the area. This is majorly seen in high-potential sectors such as advanced level manufacturing, life sciences, tourism, and health.

You get good Beer here

If you are fond of Beer, then Buffalo could be the best place to relish it. The place has over thirty distilleries and breweries that call the Buffalo area home.

Amazing restaurants

If you are a foodie, then Buffalo would prove to be a haven. Several farm-to-table restaurants are springing up throughout the city. If you happen to be in buffalo, then you should visit your local favourite Black Sheep Buffalo and Hooked-Buffalo. These are the best places to get Buffalo’s premium quality brews and locally sourced seafood in large varieties.

Amazing art, and architecture

Buffalo also allures a young crowd who are fascinated by art and architecture. This is a city with a unique personality, solid character, and an impressive downtown. Historical places and incredible architecture show the rich cultural heritage of the place.

Owning a home is a realizable dream

Owning a home has been a long-standing problem for millennials. Compared to the other places in the US, buffalo is affordable in terms of buying or renting a home. As per the study conducted by the National Association of Realtors, buffalo is the top market of the country for home buying by people of this age group.

Based on the US Census Bureau data, the average home value in the city is slightly below $100,000, while it is approx. $315,000, in the case of NY.

In addition to purchasing a home, Buffalo is also economical in regards to rent. The median monthly rent in the city is $1,079. This is relatively less costly than the national average of more than $1,400 every month.


Looking at all these features, Buffalo makes it a perfect destination for the young generation to relocate to this city. The greater number of career opportunities, affordable housing, plenty of restaurants, and scope of growth make it the best place in the US for millennials.