What are the Qualifications of a Good Secretary in Hong Kong?

In Hong Kong, you need to find a company secretary before the incorporation. On the other hand, you can also opt for secretarial services in Hong Kong. At this point, you might ask, what are the Qualifications of a Good Secretary in Hong Kong? We help you with that.

  1. Good eye for detail. A secretary must have a good eye for everything they do. For example, they should easily be able to spot if there are errors in their work- say typographical errors.
  2. Orderly mind. With so many things happening at the same time, the Secretary should have an orderly mind. They must always know what their priorities are with each day of the week. This is a skill being acquired when you make it a habit to always organize yourself.
  3. Objectivity to Proceedings. When you always practice evaluating every proceeding of the company, that’s when you become more objective in everything you do. Usually, you ask yourself what went well and what went wrong.
  4. Good in Correspondence. Since a Secretary will be composing different business letters, they must have the rudiments of the English Grammar. She represents the image of the company when she writes even though we say that the signatories in the letters are different people just like the Board of Directors.
  5. Able to take good notes. Although there are already Board Management Softwares, there are still times when your system is down. The ability of the Secretary to take good notes will save the day. This skill is essential especially during meetings where the secretary is expected to prepare minutes of the meeting eventually.
  6. Set Meetings. The Secretary should have the knowledge and skills in setting up a meeting. She should be able to prepare the agenda for the meeting in advance and notify all the attendees about this. She should further appoint in the Calendar the date and time of the meeting.
  7. Check the attendance in every meeting whether it is on quorum. The Secretary should always be on time in every meeting as she is the one expected to check the attendance. She should further determine whether the attendance is in the quorum. Some meetings have some decision-makings to do and these can’t be accomplished if the attendees are not in the quorum.
  8. Knowledge in Committee Procedures. Knowledge of Committee procedures is essential to perform the role of a secretary since she’ll be working most of the time with a committee.

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