What are the Common Features of Employee Monitoring Software?

Employee monitoring software had brought a revolutionary change in the world of administration. This software had increased the accessibility of the owner to their work so that they can directly supervise their business without physical presence. They have proved their values by increasing the efficacy of the workers by more than 43% which can lead to a significant jump in the company’s profit. Every business is judged and valued according to its performance and profit. These two factors are strongly influenced by the core of the company. The core is made up of the owner but the major chunk is made by the person who has to apply the ideas, work out the plan and complete the objectives i.e. the employee This software allows the owner to oversee his business and has added a completely new dimension in the business world by maybe the best use of internet in the history of the internet. They had made sure that the employee is disciplined and work according to the ethics, guidelines and rules of the company. Some salient features of the work examiner software which are leading the monitoring software industry and have brought groundbreaking features which explained and discussed below.


The software allows stealth surveillance over the employee as it runs in the background silently. This also provides the user with a client that allows the recording of the employee’s desktop at 1fps at both online or offline views. Giving a better insight to the user.


With the facility of web usage control the user can oversee the worker’s internet usage during working hours. It is easy to monitor employee internet activity. Not only we can just monitor it we can ban some of the sites which prove to be a major distraction as social media sites which tends to decrease the efficiency considerably.


This software not only allow the user to keep track of worker’s working hours but also provide them with a feature that allows them to track the time spent on website and time spent on application.


Work examiner software provides with best ever security services which protect our data from any kind of breach and prevents the loss of crucial information which gives us the competitive edge against rivals. It also prevents the malicious employee from uploading malware to the network. It protects the data from any cyberattacks and also prevents from selling of the information to the competition.


This software has increased the efficiency of our client’s workers by whooping 43% by limiting the wastage of time on an unproductive activity. As in the time of the pandemic, remote employees are a major concern for any business. Tracking down their working out and blocking web pages that are unrelated to the job will increase the employee efficiency.