What Are Tactile Warning System Tiles?

Tactile warning system tiles are a common and important part of the urban environment. You no doubt have seen them at various intersections. Pretty much any intersection in the country that has a pedestrian walkway crossing it will have tactile warning tiles at the edges of the intersection. These tiles will help keep vision-impaired people from crossing into the intersection unknowingly. Of course, tactile tiles are useful for people who are not vision-impaired, as well. Even someone who is simply staring at their phone while walking will feel the warning tiles under their feet and stop before they walk into the intersection. To learn more about this vitally important yet often overlooked component of pedestrian safety, read on.

Warning Surfaces At Stop Lights

As previously mentioned, tactile warning services are most often seen at stop lights. This is because stop lights can be dangerous areas for pedestrians. A warning from tactile tiles will ensure that pedestrians don’t cross into the intersection when it’s not safe. Most warning tiles are also produced in a bright yellow color that provides a visual warning in addition to a tactile warning to increase effectiveness.

Most municipalities on the United States have these warnings tiles at every stoplight that has an intersection with a sidewalk. Not every stoplight will have warning tiles, but most of those that don’t will not have any pedestrians going across the intersection. The universality of tactile warning tiles shows their effectiveness in improving pedestrian safety. In fact, tactile warning surfaces are vital for pedestrian safety at intersections across America.

Other Places Tactile Warning Tiles Are Used

While you will most commonly find tactile warning surfaces at stop lights, you may also notice them in various other locations throughout the urban environment. Many commercial establishments place warning surfaces in front of their doors. This is to help prevent people from walking straight into the door. Also, sometimes you may notice a tactile warning surface in front of a set of stairs. This is to help prevent people from stumbling down the stairs and possibly injuring themselves. Tactile warning tiles may also be used to prevent activities with such as skateboarding. This is a unique use for warning surfaces, but it’s becoming more and more common. Using a tactile warning in this way safely but firmly denies skateboarders, as it is nearly impossible to ride a skateboard over a tactile warning surface.

Keep an eye out for tactile warning tiles the next time you’re out and about. You may find these tiles in places you never noticed them before. Now that you’ve learned a little about these surfaces and their importance, you may appreciate them as a vital part of the urban environment.

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