Using Notice Boards and Leaflets to Market a Business

Small and large companies use leaflets and notice boards to promote their services and products to the consumer or customers. Leaflets are produced with proper marketing announcements on either side of the paper. The leaflets are designed so that it can be used for the future reference. A successful campaign of the leaflet can be measured by the amount of response received from it. The leaflets appeal to all the customers and encourage everyone to enquire, visit or buy. The quality, text, message and design of the leaflets play a huge role in influencing the customers. It is advised to the business organizations to make their leaflets and notice boards from a designer company as those designer companies will ensure quality graphics, headlines and words.

Leaflet Size and Content

There are many types of leaflet types that are available for the customers. It includes standard layouts like A4 single fold, A4 double fold and DL leaflets. Apart from theses there are many unusual shapes and designs available that can be appealing for the modern companies. A Dl leaflet is of normal envelope size and is accurately sized for leaflet holders. A4 single fold leaflets give the company a 4 side A5 messaging platform. This type of layout is ideal for leaflets that contain a huge amount of information. This is the best layout in any organization that wants to use more words to describe its policies to the customers. The A4 double folded leaflets offer six panels for images and texts. This type of format is exact for presenting various products and services. The content of the leaflets depends upon the kind of product or service that is promoted through it. The leaflet should contain the details about the service that is promoted by the organization, along with a small description of the company itself. If a leaflet is product based then it should contain the full details about the product, if there is more than one product then a brief description of the general working of the products should be also mentioned. The contact information the company must be given in the leaflet and on the notice boards, this is very important for marketing purpose.


The notice boards are placed in those places which are frequently visited by a lot of people. Distributions of leaflets can be done through posting them through the doors; the employees can distribute the leaflets in shops and sport centers, they can also distribute it through exhibitions.