Try for Free the CRM Software that CloudCC Offers

What does CloudCC do? CloudCC CRM Cloud is a comprehensive CRM system that can help with many needs that come from not only one-person businesses to Fortune 500 corporations. Using the mobile platform offered by CloudCC, you can try for free CRM software that helps sales reps to develop potential customers, documents sales progression and simplifies orders.

Helps work better

CloudCC makes sales automatable, automating best sales practices from corporations. By improving the 2-8 principle, CloudCC provides a platform to let 80% of sales reps be more productive. CCChat and file functions from CloudCC are excellent tools for communication for personnel to corporate as well as to the discussion of information making their work much more effective.

Lead generation

One of the better ways that CRM can help is with lead generation business. Lead generation is one of the main ways that most businesses find their new clients from new leads. This includes several techniques for creating interest in potential customers. These techniques include:

  • Direct mail
  • Telemarketing
  • Referrals
  • Seminars
  • Advertisement
  • Demonstrations
  • Trade shows

Facilities Information Systems

CRM also includes Facilities Information Systems offering the ability for ongoing consulting, training, research, administration, and systems applications, as well as support for these services. This is software that is constantly striving to advance business operations and services.

Help keep you organized

This software will start anyone’s workday with an overview that is clear of scheduled events, tasks and calls. You can set reminders for activities during the day, log new calls, and keep the specifics of your conservations for any follow-ups needs. It is perfect for faculty information management. You can have a timeline on your own feed that shows the history of lead follow-ups, accounts, contacts, as well as other opportunities. Easily relate every task to records of leads, contacts, campaigns as well as contracts and other information you need. You will be able to track your progress as you make follow-ups and offer appropriate transparency at each stage of development.

New events and old tasks

It will help you to be able to:

  • Quickly record sales pitches or ideas through voice or text anytime.
  • Other team members and managers can review what you are doing at any time.
  • Photos can be posted with a visit time and GPS location watermark on customer site.
  • Create quickly new events and tasks.