Top 3 Tips to Capture Pearl Jewelry Photos Attractively

Planning to start a jewelry business? If ‘yes’, then do create a beautiful website for your jewelry store. Remember, there are so many jewelry brands available on the market. In order to withstand that competition and promote your jewelry you should try some unique ways of advertising. Wondering how? Show your brand jewelry to the world in a very attractive way. In short, take some good photographs of your jewelry and add them to your website online.

Taking good quality pictures for the jewelry like pearl and diamond necklaces can be little difficult because you should know which colour background to use and how much lighting to maintain in the room. Don’t panic because there is no need to be a professional to click good photographs.

Here are some tips to make your pearl or diamond necklaces look great in the pictures. Nevertheless, the first step is to pick a good pearl necklace or diamond choker, which you want to display on your website.

  • Camera Position: Make sure that proper lighting is there in the room while taking the shots. However, this doesn’t mean that you can click the photographs from any position in proper lighting. In fact, you need to know where to place your camera to make sure that camera flash doesn’t create any distracting shadows.
  • Lighting: You can use the fluorescent bulbs for the lighting if you are looking for the natural light effect. These lights don’t produce much heat unlike the other bulbs. Hence, you can use them for long photo shoots. Use 2 lights here i.e. each one on the sides of EZcube for eliminating the glare and to highlight your jewelry piece.
  • Background: Use the right background to highlight your jewelry piece more. Remember, choosing a poor background can spoil the whole look of your jewelry piece.

If you don’t have any time to do all these things then it is better to hire a professional jewelry photographer. Present your jewelry pieces in the best way online to your clients by following the above tips. Undoubtedly, you will definitely see an improvement in your business after adding some attractive photographs of your jewelry pieces on your website.