Tips to Design your Dream House

As said by a famous home designer “If you don’t lay any plan, then the disposal of time relies on the incidence chances, soon chaos reigns”. Well, if you are planning for a custom home design, then this statement stands true. The planning stage seldom suggests whether your custom home will eventually fulfil your dreams or not.

Here are some tips to help you create the perfect house design for your family:

  1. Begin simple

You do not require any software to start making decisions about your custom house design. All you need is a pencil and paper. Sketch your ideas. You have plethora of online websites to present you with alluring house design ideas which resemble your dream house. Make a list of features which you want to include in your house. Check out 3D images and prints of the house for a better view and make your house design team understand what you are looking for.

  1. Think about your coming future

If you are planning to have a family in the coming time or you want your aging parents to live with you, then you need to plan accordingly. If you want to accommodate your hostel return child or grandkids or grandparents, then design your house like that. Ultimately when you plan the amenities in your custom house plan, you need think for each and every member of your family.

  1. Have a picture of the house you want in your mind and get it printed

Sometimes, the house plan is ready in your mind, but you need to consider the features, topography and size. See if it overlooks a nature escape or whether your living room has some amazing view. Similarly, if you have stream running near your property, then you can get your bedroom sited there and enjoy the beautiful sound of running water during your sleep.

A custom home with a steep slope gives your house a unique and different look in comparison to flat house designs.

  1. Prioritize features you want

Once your house design is ready in rough form, prioritize the features of your house. Make sure it doesn’t exceed your budget. Choose fancy artwork and luxuries but do not let it ruin your budget. For instance, if you have always dreamt of box window in your kitchen to grow herbs, then install a line to facilitate a gas stove.

  1. Check on light

Light has great influence on people. So, make sure you design your house to receive natural lights in winters. It is also suggested to add skylights to your house plan to enhance the entrance of natural lights in your house. Even if it is a cloudy day, skylights lower the need of artificial lights.

Lights hold importance in siting of rooms in a house design. For those who love morning light, they should get their bedroom facing east to catch rising sun.

Choose house design [ออกแบบ บ้าน, which is the term in Thai] which matches your dreams, budget and preference and work in coordination with a home designer to get max help.

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