Tips for choosing storage racks

Every retail store needs a storage rack that is helpful for their business. Well, these storage racks are meant for storing various items that are required in the industry. While these storage racks are beneficial, it is necessary to understand what purpose these actually serve and how they can be helpful.

There are different types of storage racks available at Displetech, ranging from heavy-duty storage to light-duty storage to enhance the overall impact. You need to identify the storage racks accordingly to bring about a massive difference in the business. It is the storage racks that can be helpful for your business in the long run.

Before choosing the storage racks, you need to be aware of the market. The type of business you are in will make it easier for you to select a storage rack that is helpful for your business. Some of the prominent things to consider when selecting the storage rack for your business include the following

Standard storage rack with bolts

The standard storage rack with nuts and bolts are assembled to enhance the impact and determine how things will be stored. These types of frames are used mostly in libraries and shops that require only limited situations. The standard storage racks have a limited storage capacity, with each shelf being able to hold the only 90kg.  These types of frames will either be painted or powder-coated. While the powder-coated racks have a smooth finish, the painted ones usually have a rough finish. However, it is necessary to determine that the painted shelves are more expensive than normal ones.

Heavy-duty storage rack with bolts

These racks are fixed with nuts and bolts to ensure that the accessories stored in them do not fall off easily. These types of racks are mostly used in warehouses, massive inventory storage set-ups, factory set-ups, and more. Although they have a limited capacity to hold things, these storage racks can hold items up to 150-200kg for each shelf. These too, are categorized as powder coated and painted with the latter being more expensive.

Boltless storage rack

These racks are mostly used for storing lightweight items and are found in houses and stores where gift items are stored. These shelves can hold up to 50-70kg per shelf. They are classified into powder-coated, raw material, or painted. The racks are usually priced depending on the category they are in. The categorization further helps to determine the quality as well.

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