Manufacturing And Eco-friendly Packaging Of Music Discs

The goal of every manufacturer is to hit it big in the market; therefore, each tries, as much as possible, to put all steps that will lead to the achievement of this goal in place. To many people, ‘Making the product’ is considered the most important part of the process. While we aren’t going to argue for or against that in this piece, it is important to note that the packaging form selected for a product is also very crucial. All products need/have packaging, depending on the product type. Whether it’s FMCGs (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) kitchen wares, music stuff, or food things, packaging is required. Choosing a packaging type is dependent on a lot of factors, the chief of them being the type of product to be packaged. However, whatever the type of product it may be, it is vital to select Eco-friendly Packaging.

Music discs are molded plastic discs that contain digital data scanned by a laser beam for recorded sound and other information reproduction. They are made of layers of Optical Grade Polycarbonate (OGP), Aluminum, and Acrylic. Polycarbonates are a sort of plastic-type that is transparent and temperature resistant. After the Polycarbonate layer comes the Aluminum layer, and then the Acrylic layer. Then the label layer can be placed at the top, but that isn’t compulsory for its perfect functionality, it’s a sort of a branding part and not a pivotal part.

A study by environmentalists and scientists shows that in the music industry, CDs are the second biggest source of pollution, and the disc replication materials aren’t responsible for a sizeable percentage of this pollution. Rather, it’s the packaging that is responsible for the big chunk of this pollution; hence we can see the need of advocating for Eco-Friendly packaging of music discs. 

There are quite a few numbers of ways music discs are packaged. Some of them are Digipak, Slime Double Case, FLPpak, Slimeline Case, Clamshell Cases, Chubby CD Jewel Case, etc. The common feature of all these CD packaging types is that each is either card-based or plastic-based. Therefore, our choice of Eco-friendly disc packaging will be between plastic or card.

A detailed research study by Arup, (a leading environmental consultancy group), reveals that using card-based packaging can reduce pollutions from disc packaging by 95%. It also shows that a card wallet with a plastic tray will still bring about a 60% pollution reduction. So here it seems we got our answer. Card-based packaging is the best Eco-friendly choice for manufacturers of music discs. The facts are quite obvious even to the blind.

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