Increase Visits To Your Website Or Your Blog

We all follow blogs and YouTube channels of great success, sites with such a large audience that has allowed them to live from this activity; In some cases, even becoming millionaires.

It is not surprising that today the youngest people dream of being a successful YouTubers and many others of making a living by undertaking online.

It’s fun, it has a certain “glamor”, it gives you independence, you can start from your home, practically without money, without having to leave your job and you can earn a lot of money, as the numerous success stories have shown.

How Is Something Like This Not Going To Be Attractive?

But in the vast majority of cases, the initial enthusiasm quickly gives way to growing frustration when these young (and not so young) entrepreneurs online, after months and months face to face with the reality that they do not get visits on their page web or three.

Is It Too Late To Start? Is There Already Too Much Competition?

Many of them come to the erroneous conclusion that yes, they believe that others have already eaten the cake and they leave early a good project that could have been very successful, having taken the right steps.

Yes, there are more and more websites, and yes, it is increasingly difficult to get visibility. But that does not mean that it is not possible to create a project from scratch and that, after a reasonable time, it has excellent visibility.

Create Quality Content

One of the consequences that have developed the creation of so many websites in recent years is that in almost every subject there is competition and, in many of them, a lot of competition.

Years ago, there was so much demand and so little supply of good content, good contents withillustration picture (gambarilustrasi which is the term in Indonesia)that it was easy to get out of step with low-quality content to gain visibility.

This today, is no longer the case. Forget about getting visibility and success with bad content or mediocre content. You will not get it.

People are accustomed to quickly get content of a certain quality about almost anything with a simple mouse click, and they start beating content that is not up to par.

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