Importance of structural steel in different sectors

Structural steel is a type of steel construction material that is made in different cross-section shapes and strengths. Structural steel contains manganese steel and a variety of low carbon that is mostly used in marine and civil engineering applications. They are mostly used in buildings, ships, bridges, etc. Structural steel needs fireproofing to safeguard them from deteriorating. It is necessary to use them correctly as they can question the long-term viability of the project if not handled carefully. Various companies provide good quality structural steel like structural steel company in Kent.

Types of structural steel shapes

  • Channel (C-shaped): Channel beams are made with top and bottom flanges that gives them a c shape. Previously it was used only in the construction of bridges; however; now they are also used in various building applications.
  • Pipe-shaped: This is used in many constructions works. Pipes are generally used for water, gas and oil projects. They are hollow and have a cylindrical shape that makes it useful for such projects.
  • Angle (L-shaped): They are mostly used in the flooring of the building. They are popular in flooring because of their L shape as it gives stability to the floor.

Use of structural steel in different industrial sectors

  • Construction: Structural steel plays a major role in the construction sector. It is used in the construction of buildings, bridges, warehouses because they have great strength to weight ratio. Structural steel is used in creating beams, bars, plates, etc. that are used in construction.
  • Transport: Structural steel is also used in the transport sector as the trucks, trains, ships are manufactured by using structural steel. Structural steel is preferred because of its properties like elasticity, affordability, corrosion resistance.
  • Mining: Structural steel is used in many ways in the mining industry. The elements used in mining are built with structural steel. The smooth surface of the structural steel makes it easy to clean.

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