Hungry Shark Evolution

You must have heard or watched the very famous shark movie called “Jaws”. The adventurous yet horrifying scenes in the movie have hooked itself under the favorite list of millions. Hungry Shark Evolution will not let you run but will make you be the one that hunts. Yes! You heard that right fellow shark followers. In here you get to follow, hunt and eat anything and everything that comes your way.

You are going to play the mighty shark in hungry shark evolution game. Also, you get to explore and discover different levels by swimming across this magnificent underwater sea. It’s going to be a fun aquatic gaming experience for everybody. You can be a shark whether you are an adult or just a cool teen who finds sharks fascinating. So, that makes it clean and clear that hungry shark evolution is suitable for all ages. However, it is not advisable for younger kids to play this game since it contains blood and violence.

The best part about this app is that it’s an offline game. It just needs internet to download and thereafter you are able to play it without any Wi-Fi. You can earn Gems and Coins while playing the game and spend them on upgrades and accessories or you can purchase Gems and Coin currency. And since this game consists of advertisements you can watch ad videos and earn gems and coins from the treasure screen. But, in case you make any purchases the advertisements will get disabled.

You can install this game on TV boxes if you want. TV version of this game available on Google play store. If you are unable to install this game on your TV using default app store, you can try using Filelinked or Aptoide TV.

Features of Hungry Shark Evolution game

The prominent features of this game are what really motivates many users to continue playing it with fun and frantic feels. Sharp thrilling 3D graphics and sound effects to keep you highly focused, Challenging and stimulating missions. super cool accessories like top hats, lasers and jet packs. Finding and collecting of sunken bonus objects. Survive for longer periods and score higher by activating gold rush. Charge in with spontaneous moves or tilt controls during an attack. Enroll in baby sharks to level up your predatory powers. Discover various creatures and enjoy a hearty sea meal. You could evolve into bigger sharks like the “Great White” and “Megalodon”. You also get the opportunity to unleash more than a dozen of unique looking sea creatures and sharks. Also, you can win yourself some amazing limited-edition prizes by taking part in regular in game events. That’s not all guys you can synchronize your game instantly across any android device. How awesome is that right?

The game’s well adaptable with android 4.1 and above. It is also positioned at a 4.4 star rating on Google play store with remarkable 5 star rating feedbacks from users all over the world. You can install this game using third party app stores like AC Market and Aptoide. UBI FGOL (Future Games of London) are the sole developers and publishers of this fishtastic gaming app. “It’s a puzzling place to be down under the sea, where you attack and conquer just like an unforgiving King.” Open world games like this, require more RAM, processing power and storage. You can use apps like clean master to remove junks and unwanted applications to get more storage. Clean Master also can boost device performance by closing unwanted apps and running tasks.