How to Enjoy Food like Sevillanos?

Sevilla is largest city and capital of Andalusia, an autonomous community of Southern Spain. When you visit a different country, it is crucial that you immerse in the local culture to have a memorable experience. So, if you visit Spain then the food scenario is diverse. Up north, there is the spiked deliciousness called pintxos, in the central shared dishes called raciones, whereas on the South eating iconic tapas is expected. If you visit Sevilla then how will you enjoy the food scene like the Sevillanos?

For real authentic experience of local cuisine here are some tips to enjoy with the other members of Food Tours Seville.

Get timing right

The timings in Spain are later than what tourists are used to back home. The local joints get crowded around 10:30am for breakfast and lunch is around 2pm to 4pm. The locals arrive after 9pm for dinner.

Breakfast is tostada time

Tostada de pringa is a pork stew toasty that makes an amazing breakfast. You can enjoy these at Bodega el Picadero or La Cacharreria.

Afternoon snack

‘La Merienda’ is a pastry shop, where the locals get their sweet tooth satisfied. Since 1885, the place has been serving locals with pastries and Spanish style Torrijas. Churros are also a typical afternoon snack but during weekend Sevillanos enjoy churros for breakfast. Best churros are sold at Bar El Comercio in Seville.


Lunch is the most crucial meal, which is technically taken at 2pm. All over Spain, you will see Menu del Dia but in Seville tapas can be enjoyed for lunch. Walk in the Alameda neighborhood, where the local favorite restaurant Antigua Abaceria de San Lorenzo serves best lunch.

Paella & Sangria

Best Paella is hard to find but if you see photos of paella on restaurant door than first make sure if it is run by Valenciano. Similarly, Sangria is a special drink made on specific occasions, so in a bar or restaurant order tinto de verano, which is not just delicious but cheaper than Sangria.

Local aperitif tradition

Pre-dinner aperitif is as important as a meal for Sevillanos. Sherry or orange wine is sipped with meals. You get to select from a vast menu of wines, Sherries and tapas.

Pay in the end and never overdo tipping!

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