How do items go missing in a safety deposit box?

A safety deposit box is one of the safest places to deposit valuable items in order to keep them. The very idea that any items can come up missing is extremely rare. So, the question comes up as to what does the bank do in order to keep items from being stolen from safety deposit boxes? The procedures might surprise you.

Procedures that Keep Your Items Safe in a Safe Deposit Box

The method of control that a bank uses for access to safety deposit boxes is designed to allow only authorized people to have access. There are a number of security features that a bank uses to secure your items in a safe deposit box

  • The bank will require dual control procedures. This means that in order to access the contents of the box, there must be two authorized people present. This keeps one person from accessing the contents and walking off with the items.
  • Every time the box is open each person must sign an access signature card. Each signature is compared to the signature on file. In order to gain access the signatures much match. It also provides a written record on every person that has accessed the box since its inception date.
  • Cameras are used to monitor the people opening the boxes. They are also used to keep others from gaining access without being noticed.

There are circumstances that would permit access to a box in case of an accident such as an accidental death and dismemberment case. In this instance, access can be gained by court order, search warrant, branch closure, power of attorney, and even loan or payment default.

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