For What Reason Polyurethane Belt Is Used?

Though polyurethane belts are mainly used for power transmissions, it is also used for cleaning other conveyor belts.

When you’re looking for a new cleaner for your business’s conveyor belts, among the very first points to try to find is the blade structure. What is it made of? And also, will that product do the essential work effectively as well as securely?

Blade Structure Run Down

  • Rubber is sometimes utilised in conveyor belt cleaners, yet is frequently as well soft to finish the job contact. It’s not as popular an option as various other products that are utilised to make primary or secondary cleansers.
  • Tungsten carbide is a steel substance. It’s made use of like a belt cleaner in circumstances that require heavy-duty cleaning. This kind of blade is typically used in markets such as petroleum coke, sand or asphalt plants and steel production.

The significant drawback to utilising tungsten carbide is that if something fails on the belt or with the cleaner, the metal blade can tear the conveyor apart. As a result of that hazard, we suggest that only service technicians, who know with the cleansers’ installation procedure and use and run them. Also, then, you ought to carefully consider if your job site requires a blade that aggressive.

  • Polyurethane belt is the all-star of conveyor belt cleaners. It can apply pressure at an aggressive angle without the belt remaining in the risk of ripping. The product maintains its resiliency even when it goes up against UV rays, chemicals or dirt.

Polyurethane blades are long-lasting and long-term. And, depending on what brand name item you buy, some are re-sharpening. Because it’s not steel, it will not cause corrosion or wear away in time. This option safeguards your investment in your conveyor belts.

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