FAQs About Staffing Agencies and Recruitment Programs

As a potential candidate, you surely might have many questions about getting involved with a staffing agency. After you have done your background check about the legibility of the agency and have gone through the reviews about them, there are still some questions left that you might want answers about. So, today we are doing a quick FAQ regarding everything you need to know about recruitment agencies.

  • Do you need to pay for the services?

Well, these agencies are hired by the company itself to do the recruitment, which means that the company will be bearing their expense and you have to pay nothing. Also, if you join a recruitment network to help you with employment, then they charge you a small amount for the services and facilities that they are providing.

  • What are the advantages of working with a staffing agency?

They make the job search very easy. Their vast network of recruiters has all the data you might need to apply to job roles that you are interested in. You can save your time and focus your energies on acing the final interview. They are dedicated to helping you in finding the right match.

  • Will the temp agency take a cut from my pay?

This is a myth. As mentioned earlier, these agencies are paid by companies for the services they provide and so you are not liable to make any payment to these agencies through your paycheck or otherwise.

  • Who will be your employer?

Well, this depends on the type of recruitment happening. For Temp projects, you are considered an employee of the agency providing services and hence are compensated by the agency itself. However, if you join a company and work there as an employee then you are paid your salary and provided your benefits by the company itself.

  • Do temp jobs turn into permanent positions at the office?

Yes, there is a large possibility that on the occasion of a vacancy in the office, the temp is promoted to a full-time employee than doing another hiring. This is because the temp already knows the work and doesn’t have to go via the entire hiring and training process. Apart from that, it is important that you qualify for the role you are interested in.

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