Does my business need COR?


Among the several advantages, companies and people are accorded in Singapore is tax residency. And, in specific, foreigners are strongly instructed to receive a certificate of residence for their corporations, as it could potentially recoup you hundreds, or even thousands of dollars in surcharges.

What is a Certificate of Residence?

A Certificate of Residence (COR) is a statement handed out by the Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore (IRAS) to companies within Singapore to substantiate that the respective legal being is a tax resident. The major advantage of COR is that it enables the entity to assert privileges under the Avoidance of Double Tax Agreements (DTAs).

This is a special glory awarded to people and entities that occur to qualify for tax residence stature in Singapore within a provided year.

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And why exactly would you need a COR?

Well, as it comes out, tax residents in Singapore happen to admire nice tax advantages than their non-resident companions. Resident firms, for instance, captivate quite a reasonable quantity of tax freedoms, as well as DTA benefits.

And speaking of which, you will be pleased that the COR of Singapore is inclined even to international companies. But, it appears under one circumstance that the firm has to be operated from Singapore to entitle. That implies its supervision and administration should be founded in the city-state.

Does My Company require a Certificate of Residence?

About a COR is not an essential task as having a corporate secretarial service is!

Although, it can enable monetary windfalls for the firm. If you earn foreign income, you may be subject to tax in that country or province. However, if there is a DTA between Singapore and the foreign region, then you may be eligible to assert tax advantages, in the shape of reduction or exemption of tax. In the lawsuit where you are not alleging benefits under the DTA but want to attain a letter authorizing that the corporation is a tax resident of Singapore, you may write to IRAS and assure to include the following information:

  • Name and (UEN) of the firm
  • Reason(s) for petitioning the letter of residence
  • Authorization that the custody and management of the company is practiced in Singapore
  • The calendar year for which the letter is needed

With the COR of Singapore, you get to invest in the Avoidance of Double Taxation Agreements (DTAs) the city-state has ratified with several foreign jurisdictions. The good thing about these DTAs is, they oblige treaty partners to award Singapore COR owners tax cuts on income produced in their jurisdictions.

If you are operating an international company, therefore, you are just required to submit COR of Singapore to a foreign treaty spouse and then they will absolve you from dual taxation. That tells you you won’t be spending your corporate taxes on varied jurisdictions.

Companies capable of applying for a Singapore COR

To be capable, your company has to perform its business from Singapore in a direct way. And if it arises to be international, its functions have to be rectified and organized from Singapore. That, indistinct words, tells Singapore should serve as your company bureau in the preceding year.

Is your company seeking a tax residency certificate or COR for the year 2021? Then make sure that your company should have been governed from Singapore throughout 2020. Oppositely, the Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore would come out announcing it as a non-resident for the year 2020.