Capture the beauty of the flower in your camera

Flowers define beauty. Hence, it is one of the subjects that is most photographed. We find flowers in our surroundings with different sizes, color, and shapes that we do not have to wander places in search of flowers for photography. Capturing the beauty of a flower is a difficult task. If not done properly the picture appears less appealing. Photographers are required to follow several principles in order to get the perfect shot of the flowers in all its beauty. This will help the photographer to take different shots of flowers from different angles which makes the flower photography very appealing.

Points to remember while photographing a flower

  • The photographer should preferably take pictures on white sky day as it complements the beauty of the flower. There won’t be any bright spots, and it gives quite a good exposure.
  • The backlight can be used in flower photography. The backlight makes the flower glow. It will also allow you to capture the rays of the sun falling on the flower.
  • Wind can be a severe threat to your flower photography. The photographer should select the time when there is no wind.
  • Close up shots of flower helps the photographer to capture the intricate details of the subject. Try using different angles to get the close-up shot.

Challenges to be dealt with in flower photography

  • Minimum focus distance: Many times photographer struggle to fill their screen with a flower that is too small and zooming them can blur the picture. Every camera has a minimum focus distance that helps them to keep the subject in focus.
  • Multiple surface angles: The photographer faces the challenge of getting the lighting proper because of multiple surface angles. The flowers have several petals which block the light to reach the other petals. Hence, some petals appear dark while others appear bright.
  • Motion: We all know that flowers are motionless. However, even they can create a problem of motion because of other sources like wind and breeze that blurs the image.

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