Best diamond buyer in Melbourne 

Diamond is something that is very precious and will never erode. People may possess diamond jewellery like rings, earrings, pendants. Sometimes they may also have loose diamonds.

Right buyer for valuable diamonds

If you are looking for a diamond buyers in Melbourne, Gold Buyers Melbourne is the right place. They are the best place where people can sell their precious diamonds and get the deserved price.

Value of a diamond

 Diamonds are of great value. People can always exchange diamonds for good money in case of an emergency. But people always look for good diamond buyers who will be able to give the right price for such a precious thing.

A faithful company

The company is a family run business. They have good experience in this work as they have been working for a long time. And they are one of the most recommended companies in Melbourne and can be trusted.

Reasons to visit

There are several reasons to visit them. They will straight away give the highest quote to the customers. They provide instant cash in exchange for the diamond items. They don’t give cheques.


In terms of security, they have well-secured offices, unlike the local pawn shops where there is little or no security. They also give their customers full privacy.

What they buy

They also have a full-time gemmologist present at their office. They make the correct assessment of the items and give the customer the right price for their items. They buy diamonds in any form. It can be loose, old, chipped, and dull. They can be old engagement rings, pendants, broken earrings, bracelets. The diamond jewellery can be set on platinum or gold, they take that as well, and clients may get a high price for such items. They also take loose diamonds in any shape and colour.

A Simple way to sell diamond

They make the selling of diamonds quick, easy and convenient, and trouble-free. People will not have to run to any local jewellery shops or pawn shops or sell online where the diamonds’ correct value is not provided.

Important documents needed

There are a few important documents that one must carry while going to sell diamonds. The clients should bring the papers related to existing diamond valuation and diamond certificates. This will allow them to get a high price for the items they are selling.

When to visit them

Their office is located in a very convenient palace in Melbourne. It is very easy to visit them. They remain open from Monday to Friday between 09:30 a.m. to 05:30 p.m. and on Saturday between 10:00 am to 04:00 p.m. They are closed only on Sundays. No prior appointments are needed. Clients can visit them at any time to sell diamond or diamond jewellery.

Thus companies like Gold Buyers Melbourne try to cater to the needs of the customers as much as possible. Therefore it is recommended to visit them.

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