Benefits Importers Get From Custom Brokers

Importers and customs brokers have a really important role to play together. A combination of the two can prove to be extremely beneficial for the business to work. Custom Brokers can be of great help to the importers. Also, it is extremely necessary to be aware of the benefits that the custom brokers can offer to your business.

Some of the prominent benefits that you can earn as an importer from the custom brokers include the following


A lot of importers are confused about the system of measurement of weight during importing. However, this process entirely depends on which company you are working with. Apart from that, it also depends on your country’s law. The services and products significantly impact the business. A customs broker can effectively help in determining how this can be helpful for their business.

C-TPAT Benefits

C-TPAT, also known as Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism, is one very important aspect. This helps the importer stay protected from all fundamental risks. This law was introduced in the US to protect all your belongings from the threat of terrorism. It is helpful for the trade industry. However, an employer needs to apply for it and get approval to get the business working.

Electronic Data Interchange

While the importer may not be able to do this all by themselves, the customs broker may come as a savior in this case. Not only does it secure your business, but also fastens the process. It is like an online banking service from import and trade companies. Through EDI, you will be able to transfer documents and exchange information. All these would be done by using computers itself.

The EDI technique is mostly used by customs brokerage firms to fasten the process of importing. Moreover, they have also been enlisted to help you save money while increasing the productivity of the business. Clearit Customs Brokerage provides prominent EDI support to fasten the complete process.

Harmonized Tariff Schedule

Harmonized Tariff schedule can help you have an idea of how taxes will be levied on your imported goods. It will help you understand what taxes and tariffs will be implied. A very significant and complicated procedure is involved in determining your goods and the process through which tax will be implied.

Most of the importer businesses do not have an idea of how harmonized tariff schedule works. There are a lot of benefits importer companies can gain if they work with a customs brokerage company.

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