A quick overview of Canadian immigration: Seek help from consultants!

Canada’s immigration program has been lauded by many, and it makes sense. No matter whether you are someone who wants to invest here, or a student who wants to study and find work opportunities, Canada has a fair and immigrant-welcome stance. If you want to live and work in this country, here are some of the basic aspects about Canadian immigration worth knowing, besides an overview of services like Get in Canada visa immigration.

Decoding the ground facts

There are two ways to come and live in Canada. One is to obtain what’s called the PR visa, or permanent residency visa, and the other is a temporary work permit. A Canadian PR allows an immigrant to have the same rights as citizens of the country, with the same obligations too. To become that, you need to get the Canada immigration Visa for PR. The status can be yours to keep for as long as you want, provided you have stayed in Canada for at least two years (non-consecutive days or months are counted) in the last five years. After 3 years, you can apply for citizenship. Canada does accept dual citizenship, so immigrants don’t have to give up on their existing passport.

Before you go for Canadian immigration and look for obtaining PR, keep in mind that PRs are not allowed to vote. Secondly, you stand the chance of being deported as a PR, if you end up doing a crime that’s considered to be serious – a consequence that doesn’t apply to citizens.

What are the categories for Canadian immigration?

You can come to Canada as Federal Skilled Worker, or through family sponsorship, Canadian Experience Class, Provincial Nominee Program, or Business Immigrant. There’s also a sixth option called the Quebec Skilled Worker. Canada also has a temporary program for foreign workers, besides a special category called the “Asylum category”.

Seek help

There are Canadian immigration consultants, who offer all the help you will need for the process, and these services are really handy when you want to try your entry through the Express system. The point system in Canadian immigration is often confusing to a lot of people, and immigration consultants can ease the process considerably. Of course, not all services are same, so do your homework and select one that’s reliable, well-known and has experience with varied aspects of Canadian immigration.

Check online now to find more on consultants and take an appointment to know if you can actually apply for PR in Canada.

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