5 Must-Have Features of a Website

The functionality of a website depends on several features being present. According to Denver web designer, there are five essential features that modern websites must have to compete with others for visibility and traffic. Your website must have these:

Clear and Legible Typography

You must have visited websites that made your eyes crank in disgust or, at best, irritation. Most of those are older websites that have not been redesigned to meet modern standards. Clear and legible typography makes it easy for web content to be displayed in a beautiful and eye-pleasing way. User experience is primarily influenced by the visible features that users see and interact with. Your designer has to carefully choose or recommend font types and sizes. Unless some specific typography for illustrative purposes is to be used, try hard to avoid them.

Intuitive and Trendy Design

According to a top Denver web designer, the creativity of designers is the single most crucial factor behind the success of the user experience. Creativity impacts the style, theme, colors, features, and functionality of a website. Websites should be designed to reflect the style and trend of the era to make them appealing to users. Still, websites must be unique to reflect the brand they serve. The success of branding and online businesses will depend on how well users enjoy using the website.

Product Description with Visuals

Users want to see the products and services that businesses offer, together with every necessary information that they need to make a purchasing decision. Products and services should be arranged in a particular way to reflect order and stability. Products and services should also be tagged with their prices. Product descriptions should also contain ranking keywords so that organic traffic search can bring the right audience right to the page.

Social Media Buttons

Social media innovation has improved the way websites gain traffic. Having a social media account linked to a website is necessary. Your website should have a strong social media presence that commands followership. Denver web designer builds embedded social media buttons for websites so that users can perform limited actions such as content viewing, interactions, etc., without leaving the website.


Creating a blog for your website has now become necessary in the pursuit of organic traffic. A website blog is hosted on the website, and all articles should link to specific pages that show the services or products on offer. Blogs, when rightly used, are effective in generating organic traffic.